Gym Mats

For the exercise centre proprietor or even the home devotee, interlocking strong top rec centre mats are a widespread deck arrangement offering a quality item and phenomenal incentive for cash. Each mat is 3ft x 3ft size and 16mm thick giving the mats incredible effect engrossing properties. The level top on the mats gives a stable, grippy surface to lift on just as making the mats a lot simpler to tidy up. They are regularly utilized with the expectation of complimentary weight regions to both shield the floor from impacts and stifle the commotion brought about by loads being dropped.

Each mat interlocks with the connecting mat utilizing an inherent framework. There are no additional materials needed to finish a clean and safe establishment. Inclined edge strips are available wiping out any outing risks in region where the mats don’t sit flush to a wall. The edge strips come in black and yellow colour and with male or female fitting. The edges sit flush with the matting and also make a flush corner edge. The mats are shock proof and anti slip due to the a cobble bottom design.